Brian To

I’m a human being, avid learner, proud Seattleite, and software engineer. Welcome!

What I’m working on right now.

Software Engineering at Compass

I’m working with my brilliant colleagues to develop the future of real estate. I play a key engineering role in our Listing Editor product, developing new features while advocating for user experience, code maintainability and sustainability.

For example, I improved the user experience for image uploads, executing with the advice of product and design teams, a collaborative effort with minimal red tape.

I collaborated with three teams to envision, engineer, and deliver a suite of features centered around virtual tours and open houses in just two months.

Languages and Skills

Areas of Expertise

Interested In

Prior to Compass, I worked at Microsoft on Microsoft Information Protection, a key component of the Microsoft 365 Enterprise offering. I also contributed two years volunteering to teach computer science to rural high schools as part of Microsoft Philanthropies’ TEALS program.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to solve the world’s biggest problems: How to create resilient, democratic communities; making computing available to everyone; and working toward a more equitable world.

More About Me

I graduated from Engineering Science at the University of Toronto, an enriched engineering program that focuses on first-principles reasoning and has an emphasis on design.

In my personal life, I enjoy live music, fashion, tinkering with smart home technologies, and the occasional long bike ride.

I also blog, once in a blue moon. Read all about it here.