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January 2020-present

Software Engineer at Compass

Compass is the world’s first modern real estate platform. I own the Listing Editor product, a tool to improve the quality of listings shown on the Compass website, giving a competitive advantage over standard (MLS) listings.

I collaborated with three teams to envision, engineer, and deliver a suite of features centered around virtual tours and open houses in just three months to respond to the new business environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic. I worked both in the client and in the service layer. In addition, I am overseeing improvements to the upload process for listing images and improvements to tools that improve listing quality overall.

We introduced these features at a breakneck pace with no discernable increase in page load times, resulting in year-over-year usage growth and contributing to record month-over-month growth in interactions with virtual tours and images.

I also helped onboard and mentor new engineers, both through being helpful and also through high-quality onboarding and on-call documentation.

Prior experience

From July 2016-December 2019, I worked at Microsoft on Microsoft Information Protection, a key component of the Microsoft 365 Enterprise offering. In addition, I prototyped two products as part of an effort to break into a new product space related to information protection.

I volunteered over two school years to teach computer science to rural high schools as part of Microsoft Philanthropies’ TEALS program. For one year, I taught AP Computer Science. I am very familiar with remote work and remote instruction!

Last but not least, in 2014, I took a year off school to work at Demonware, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. Demonware services power the online experience of Call of Duty® and other games in the Activision portfolio. I made numerous improvements to the DevOps infrastructure and tooling, including a service that improved the quality of server inventory information.

More About Me

I graduated from Engineering Science at the University of Toronto, an enriched engineering program that focuses on first-principles reasoning and has an emphasis on design.

In my personal life, I enjoy live music, fashion, tinkering with smart home tech, the occasional long bike ride, and reading.

I also blog, once in a blue moon. Read all about it here.